" For me, the spark of inspiration is within the quietly sleeping earth beneath our feet, in the trees that stand guard over the wild places, and the unseen realm of the 'otherworld' where dark and strange stories merge to spill over into our universe.


Every piece of work begins with an emotion. A deep and resonating sense of something intangible, and just out of reach. My aim is to capture the energy of these emotions, and bring it into the visual realm through the interplay of darkness, colour and light. I use hints of white to catch the eye, while metal leaf transforms into rich, glowing portals creating an illusion of the veil between worlds, or of a living breathing energy within the image.


I am drawn to the mystical elements that are all around us; these are constant themes of my work through the years, due to the folklore and legend that surrounds them. Dreamlike landscapes and figures merge. And I am always influenced by my surroundings. The themes within my work shift and alter, but the symbolism remains powerful and resonant.  My work is driven by those mystical, natural elements of the world that have been brushed aside in a modern age. "

To purchase my work - You can find prints and other items available at Redbubble, or to purchase original art keep an eye on my  Instagram for new work. You can message me direct about any pieces, to see if they are for sale.

In addition to my artwork, I also write. My love of reading and telling stories through paintings has finally spilled over into the realm of words. I am currently working on some short stories and 2 novels within the Fantasy and Horror genres.




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